How to Make Custom Phone Cases?

You can create custom phone cases using your favorite design or image. Upload your images and choose your phone model. Try it right now!

1. Select your phone

Select your phone type from the drop-down list. Please let us know if we haven’t listed your phone yet.

2. Upload your image

Upload your favorite logo, design, or photo. We recommend using a large-sized image.

3. Edit design

After uploading your image, you will be able to edit the image as well as view a case preview.

4.Place an order

Fill in your name, address and phone number etc, pay and wait for us to ship the product.

Why choose us to be your custom phone case maker?

From us,cheap customized cell phone case maker,you can create your own phone case with our Phone Case designer. There are cases for over 200 different phone models. We have cases for iPhone and Samsung. Our phone case maker allows you to design your own phone case. All you have to do is select your phone, and then upload the image you would like to print on your case. We will ensure that the image will be printed with the highest quality.

We are confident in the quality of all our cases. We guarantee the quality of our cases: unhappy with your case? We will replace it for free

Fast processing: Orders are usually ready within 2 business days.
200 different phone models available.


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Create a personalized phone case to safeguard your phone

Most people today live with their mobile phone in their hand. The more your phone is used, the higher the risk that something might happen. Our phone cases have been designed to protect the phone. A custom case will reduce the chance of damage to your phone. People often choose to damage their phone because most cases are dull. Protect your phone with a customized case from us. You can create your own phone case. This case will both protect your device and make it look stylish.

Phone Case with Photo

The majority of customers use the phone case designer in order to create their own phone case. To create a phone case, you can upload a picture from your phone or your computer. You can upload any smartphone photo, provided it is the original size. You are not satisfied with the case’s quality? Your case will be replaced for free.

Pricing and Delivery

Our cheap custom phone case start at only $14.99 including delivery. You can see the expected delivery dates and the available delivery options during the checkout process. The majority of orders are produced and shipped in 1-2 business days.

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